The Boat Shed Museum is an extraordinary small museum at the beautiful harbour of Porlock Weir. Derek Purvis, a local fisherman, photographer and local historian provides visitors with an ecclectic collection of information and artefacts to enhance their experience of the historic port.

Natural forces are fought to keep the harbour navigable each year by 'sluicing'. The current channel is a man-made one which needs much intervention to stop it blocking up. This is done by holding the high tide behind the tidal gates, and then opening up sluice gates at the bottom to wash away the natural build-up of material caused by long-shore drift.

There is a great deal of fiction banded about describing the history of  certain activities at Porlock Weir. As an independent museum, we aim to depict only historically accurate information.

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The Boat Shed Museum at Porlock Weir

Dovery Manor Museum, Doverhay, Porlock, Somerset, TA24 8QB. United Kingdom