Doverhay, Porlock, Somerset, TA24 8QB. United Kingdom

How you can help raise funds!

You may already be a Co-op 'member', so all you need to do is nominate 'Dovery Manor Museum' as your chosen good cause.

If you are not already a member (which has a number of other benefits too), please do consider becoming one - it is easy, please click this link for the online membership page   , or you can ask at any Co-op store.

Basically, every time you make a purchase from a wide range of Co-op products in-store or online, 1% of the value goes to the Community Fund - and if you have nominated Dovery Manor Museum, we get that 1%. (If you haven't nominated a good cause the 1% is divided equally with all the supported good causes - so only 0.333% for the museum, but entirely welcome all the same).

We do realise that it is a bit awkward for us to promote this method of fundraising as there are local shopping options within Porlock. Sadly we are not aware of any scheme which might help us like the Co-op one. But with us all being a bit more savvy about our spending, and knowing where some of your money goes after spending it, we think it is something that you might consider, in order to help go some way, in ensuring the future of the museum.

Co-op Membership link

We have been lucky enough to be selected as one of the three, Co-op's local good causes to benefit from this years Community Fund.

As you may know, we rely entirely on donations to fund the running, and ongoing costs of the museum. The rent, mains services, heating oil are all paid from your generous donations. We are lucky in that there are no staffing costs as everyone involved, in whatever capacity, are volunteers. To bolster donations we also run small events to raise more funds, such as the annual Quiz Night, and theatrical performances by The Museum Players, etc.

It is a fact that we are all impacted by the current financial situation generally, and it is understandable that donations have remained static for the last few years. Unfortunately the running costs have not remained static, so like us all we have had to look at ways of bridging the gap, or cut things out.

Museum friend, Grant Dennis, suggested that we might apply to benefit from the Co-op Community Funds. So he and Museum Treasurer Rosalinde Haw, knuckled down and prepared a business case and applied - successfully!

Co-op Communty Fund

Dovery Manor Museum

At the historic village of Porlock, in the Exmoor National Park, UK