At the historic village of Porlock, in the Exmoor National Park, UK

The Current Exhibition...

Seas of Change

The 2017 summer exhibition, in partnership with the Boat Shed Museum, carries forward Porlock Weir's history from 1914 to 1950. The title, Seas of Change, reflects the enormous and far reaching social and technological changes of the period.

The Exhibition fills 'The Solar'  at the museum, and provides many insights to this harbour and its nearby communities.

Set Sail

The 2016 summer exhibition, brought insight to the maritime history of the local area. Centred around the historic Bristol Channel port of Porlock Weir, it told the story of the seafaring families, fishing, boatbuilding, smuggling - and the many other aspects of local life connected to the sea - from early times up to the onset of World War One.

 It also explained the factual history of some current day activities, detailed information about some of the notable local seafarers, the boats and ships, as well as our lesser known involvement in some globally and historic maritime history.

The Exhibition was in 'The Solar'  at the museum, which housed This grand room was filled with maritime information, some of the collection of model (local) ,vessels built by Derek Purvis, and many exhibits of a maritime nature.

Doverhay, Porlock, Somerset, TA24 8QB. United Kingdom

Dovery Manor Museum

Which follows on from the 2016 exhibition...