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This silk taffeta and chiffon ball gown (C. 1890) was donated, anonymously, to the museum. Along with the gown and hooped petticoat were a pair of long and once white kid gloves. Folded and tucked into the finger of one was note from a would-be suitor urging her to meet him 'in Betty's orchard after the ball'.

This collection is the work of Waistel Cooper (1921-2003) the potter who worked at Culbone for 27 years and gained great respect for his concern with form and texture.

Local life and history are portrayed through artefacts, costume, photographs, ceramics, tools, and domestic items.

Dovery Manor Museum actively collects items of local history. We are always pleased to hear from local people or those with past contacts in Porlock who can supply information and contacts to extend our records.

The Collection

Dovery Manor Museum, Doverhay, Porlock, Somerset, TA24 8QB. United Kingdom

First World War Project

Did you have family member who fought in the

First World War? Perhaps you had a grandfather or

a great uncle who served in the ranks?

Or a great aunt who volunteered to work as a

nurse treating the long-term wounded in

Minehead Hospital?

Just lodged at the Dovery Manor Museum are two

impressive new volumes that build on the work

already done by the Museum in commemorating

the district’s contribution to the war effort.

The first is a comprehensive Register of Those Who Served. This records the name, rank, regiment and often the home addresses, of over 350 men and women who served in the war from the local parishes – from Porlock, Luccombe, Selworthy, Culbone, Oare and Stoke Pero. It’s the first time such detailed research has been attempted, honouring the sacrifices made by so many from this district.

Is your relative listed in the Register? Might details in the Register help fill gaps in your family history?

The second volume is a Roll of Honour. This pays tribute to all those men from Porlock and the Vale who died in the First World War. It tells in some detail the stories of each man whose name is carved on the three parish War Memorials - at Porlock, Luccombe and Selworthy.

These two volumes are the result of extensive new research, timed to culminate this November - the centenary of the end of the First World War. But they do not claim to be the final story. There may well be errors or omissions. And that is where you can help. Do visit the Museum and look at these volumes; and please tell us if you have information that can improve this tribute to the men and women from Porlock and the Vale who served their country in time of war.
Jeff Cox 01643 863083.