Several quilt enthusiasts from Porlock and the surrounding areas of Exmoorworked together to produce a truly delightful quilt which takes its inspiration from the buildings, people and wildlife rooted in the history of the tiny hamlet of Culbone.

The quilt’s construction includes a mix of both traditional and contemporary techniques and a range of different fabrics.

It tells the story of Culbone from the time of 5th century monks who settled in Culbone and who one day departed as mysteriously as they had arrived; the establishment of the beautiful St Beuno church, reported to be the smallest parish church in England and the ferns that were harvested for display purposes in Harrods’ Food Hall.

The steep winding path is depicted along with the moorland sheep and a stag one might encounter there.

Lizzie and Tom Cook’s cottage is represented and Lizzie’s well remembered cups of tea.

The pots of Waistel Cooper (1921-2003) feature, as does Keeper’s Cottage where Waistel lived with his wife, the mystic and writer, Joan Cooper.

Essentially a community project, the Culbone Quilt was designed and hand sewn in 2015 by Barbie Burke, Cicely Corner, Penny Kelham, Endrea Lee, Trisha Pearce, Jenny Richards, Marjorie Steeds and Lita Strampp. Sadly Barbie died shortly after the completion of the quilt, her stitching will be treasured and she will be fondly remembered.

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The Culbone Quilt      

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