Interesting and unique.

Leah Baly (10), West Sussex - 16th August 2018

Very pretty upstairs.

Felicity Alare (9), Gloucester - 16th August 2018

A gem - congratulations to all involved.

Vincent Walsh, Rusholme - 15th August 2018

Absolutely charming and inspirational - a really unique 'voice'.
Pat Cubbins, Golsoncott - 11th August 2018

Beautiful work in the perfect setting.
Patrick Cook, Bakelite Museum - 8th August 2018

Lots of interesting artefacts and labels for our 6 yr old to enjoy.

Sharon and Dean Hensly, Luton - 3rd August 2018

Fascinating building and contents.
D & S Lamberton, Faversham - 1st August 2018

Artistic loveliness!

William and Helen Cooksey, Netherton, West Midlands - 30th July 2018

Lovely, enjoyed the ‘Story of Porlock Weir’ book - excellent.
Mick Loftus, Leeds - 24th July 2018

Beautiful reflections on life and nature.

Ken and Kathy Evans, Chalfont St Peter - 23rd July 2018

Well worth a visit!
J & D Blake, Bristol - 19th July 2018

A truly lovely museum and great exhibition - wonderful craftsmanship.
Grace Rayson, Taunton - 18th July 2018

A pleasure to visit. Absolutely fascinating.
Glyn Wilson, Wirksworth, Derbyshire - 17th July 2018

A gem of a museum, beautifully presented - great and informative welcome. Thanks so much!
Jenny Brown, South Devon - 11th July 2018

Wonderful, what a gem!
Iris, Ron, and Helen Romsley, Worcestershire - 20th June 2018

Love the garden - nice views and lots of  seating.

Isabella, Dunster Beach - 20th June 2018

A superb museum - quite unique!
Cathy and John Lovegrove, Teddington - 16th June 2018

Fantastical place!
Morgan Anslow (aged 7), Barton under Needwood - 14th June 2018

Utterly charming.
Jo Macdadel, Wellington, New Zealand - 11th June 2018

Sams, Austin, Texas, USA - 9th June 2018

I want to take ‘Culbone’ home with me!
Roo Glazebrook, Oxford - 6th June 2018

Fantastic amount of history.
The Wares, Pontypool, South Wales - 29th May 2018

Splendid museum and well cared for. Enjoy your work.
B & M Wills, Cornwall - 23rd May 2018

What an amazing place.
C.West, Essex - 8th May 2018

Fascinating - thank you. Beautifully presented little museum - your village must be very proud of it!
Wilcock. Lake District - 1st May 2018

Wonderful displays - lovely museum, full of interest.
Laura and Clive Marett, Brockham, Surrey - 1st May 2018


Pam and Dave Clemois, Upper Brailes, Banbury - 25th September 2017


Doug and Cherry Williams, Haselmere, Surrey - 15th September 2017


Philip and Heidi, Guernsey - 11th September 2017

A wonderful look into the past.

Tricia and Brian Foskett, Hockley, Essex - 8th September 2017

Wonderful record of Porlock history

Brian and Sheila Coulson, Bourne, Lincolnshire - 4th September 2017

Fascinating - an amazing treasure trove.

Tellham Family, Birmingham - 31st August 2017

Very informative, an absolute joy to see.

Mr & Mrs R.Howe, Coventry - 29th August 2017

Lots of information well displayed.

Kaye and Daniel Hole, New Forest -  29th August 2017

A credit to Porlock
B. Stline and J. Learmonth, Aberdeen - 14th August 2017

Impressive - well put together.

Heather and Martin, Plymouth - 5th August 2017

Delightful and the children loved the school desk.

The Jones Family, Rochester - 25th July 2017

Lovely to see more work by Waistel Cooper.

Philippa and Ncholas Mann, Lynhurst, The Ridge - 8th July 2017

Thank you for letting us share your special museum.

The Elliot Family, Fakenham, Norfolk - 5th July 2017

One of the best small museums seen!

Val and Alan Mills, Whangarei, New Zealand - 28th June 2017

Very interesting, so much more since last year.

Beryl Batchelor, Formby, Lancashire - 24th June 2017

A wonderful little museum, very interesting.

Susan Evenden, Kenora, Canada - 6th June 2017


Meg Aldstadt, White House, Tennessee, USA - 6th May 2017

An excellent museum. So interesting.

Cathy and Tony Savery, Coventry - 26th September 2016


R & P. Pike, Hertfordshire - 25th August 2016

Let's hope it stays alive forever.

David and Eve, Pilling,Lancashire - 11th August 2016

Fabulous and Interesting Museum.

Nigel Boddington and Sue Smith, Weston-super-Mare - 8th August 2016

Very educational...interesting and well explained.

Derek and Manda Mason, Cornwall - 23rd  July 2016

Brill museum, was so good, everyone loved it.
Silver DofE Group - 18th July 2016

Possibly the best local museum we have ever spent time in.

Mr and Mrs Morgan, Old Bampton - 15th July 2016

Beautiful little museum, really interesting with personal stories and a diversity of artefacts. Thank you!

Vanessa and Alan, Dunster - 1st July 2016

I love all of it.

Frankie, 1st July 2016

Thank you to the lovely volunteer for all her help!

Abbie, Minehead - 25th June 2016

A lovely trip down memory lane

Sheila Bliss, Dorset - 15th June 2016

A fascinating insight into local history, an unexpected find!

Kate Harper - 14th June 2016

What an absolutely delightful and beautifully curated museum.

Ted Parsons - 9th June 2016

A fascinating insght into the history of Porlock Weir - well done.

Lesley Clements - 1st June  2016

A great place to visit.

Alan, Steph and Stoney the dog. Milton Keynes - 2nd June 2016


Gail Rixon, South Wales - 30th May 2016

What an absolute little treasure - great to read about the local history.

Steve and Tracy Beresford, Ripley - 30th May 2016

A superb record of local history. Well done the organisers and stewards.

Colin Smith, Lincolnshire - 23rd May 2016

Very informative.

P & A. Mackensie - 19th May 2016

Most delightful exhibition. What an interesting morning. Thank you.

Muriel Banham, Attenborough - 7th May 2016

Too much to see in one visit, will be back.

Annabel Campbell, Sampford Brett - 5th May 2016

Splendid exhibition, welcome and guides. Thank you.

Jill Walmsley and Members of the U3A Archaeology Group.

Fascinating, so well presented.

Edward and Janet Smith, Wells - 2nd May 2016.

Excellent WW1 exhibition and a super old manor house.
Roger Fenn - 2nd July 2014

An amazing museum, so interesting with so many local connections. All exhibits well presented. Well done.
Alex and Elsie Scott - 12th June 2014

Absolutely wonderful! Nostalgic.
Charlotte Hill - 26th May 2014

Excellent information and moving thought provoking exhibition.
Heather and Nigel Litern - 19th April 2014

Fantastic and fascinating museum.
Mr & Mrs Bell. Salisbury, Maryland. - 27th May 2013

Impeccably presented.
Mr & Mrs Stevens. Somerset - 15th May 2013

The most beautiful museum I ever visited. But it was a long time ago. Now the museum is even better and more beautiful, than from its first beginning.Thanks for such a good website.
Felicitas Köhler from Sweden - 26th December 2012

The Dovery Manor Museum has become the "Heart & Soul" of the village of Porlock
Charles - Minehead - 23rd November 2012

So interesting, really charming, we will be back again.
Sobin Family - 8th August 2012

Absolutely beautiful
Jeff & Maggie Cridge - 8th August 2012

Wonderful museum and archives, many thanks.
Ann Nevett - 12th July 2012

A rare, lovely example; long may it remain.
Jackie Shearer - 25th May 2012

Garden was superb and the little book of illustrations excellent. Thank you so much - a hidden jewel.
Glynis and Phil - 24th September 2011

Beautiful historic building…
Ian and Hayley Boyce - 20th April 2011

Hugely impressive.
J M Hayward (Bath) - 3rd March 2011

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